Saturday, March 15, 2008

Van Tetris

I hate playing Tetris. And for the last few months I have been forced to play Tetris, every day, with every single thing I own. It's making me very cranky. Every project... scratch that, every single activity or thing I might want to do... requires moving everything I own around.

This is because I did a very stupid thing and bought supplies (insulation, paneling, flooring, underlayment, etc.) before I was ready to make use of them. I am just now starting to install these things so they're not in my way anymore.

I also didn't do the bed FIRST, which I would recommend to anyone. Even if it's just a sheet of plywood over milk crates, I'd say do the bed first-- having storage space under the bed is a huge sanity-saver.

Speaking of which: today I made a bed! I followed Michael's advice off of the Vandweller list, and used 2x6" wood, with a 3/8" plywood top. And lots and lots of screws and L-brackets. Air mattress goes on top of that, and there's 2 feet of storage underneath, so I'm not tripping over my stuff all the time anymore! This has reduced my Tetris-playing a lot.

The SOB weighs 150 lbs though, according to the lumber yard guy. Also, the lumber was cheap (US$30) but the braces and screws and all ended up close to US$80! Took all day but it's done now. I chose 6'x4' as a size. I'm kind of wishing I'd made it 3.5'x7', but it is what it is.

And now I absolutely have to rent a warehouse, because the thing is so big, there's no way I can do the floor without taking it out of the van, along with everything aft of it in order to get it through the roll-up door.

I also experimented with wall placement, by using sheets of isocryanuratete insulation. Getting close to figuring out the layout.

Oh and I love that Nashua aluminum tape with the backing paper. That stuff will stick anything to anything. Thanks to whomever suggested that; it's great. I used it to stick scrap peices of insulation to the slats of the roll-up door. Helps attenuate the sound a bit more.

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