Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cat on a cold van roof

Well that is the first scare I've had in a very long time. Middle of the night, dead silent, quiet and very safe suburban neighborhood. I heard a thump, and the van shook. I heard scratching and tapping on my van. I look out the window, and see nothing. What? Then I hear more banging on the metal. I do my usual bellowing "HEY!!" bark. And I see a cat quickly climb off the roof of my van, down the windsheild, onto the hood, and leap to the ground, meowing the whole time. Great. I just yelled my fool head off... at a cat.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tie rod ends and ball joints

My tie rod ends are shot again. WTF? I just redid my whole front end in September: ball joints, tie rods, brakes. And now my steering is rattling around, and my van drifting all over the road again. I think some nasty potholes and road seams around where I live are the culprit. This sucks. Money's mostly dried up for me, as I'm trying to make the transition from doing hourly contract work to attempting to get some entrepreneurial businesses off the ground. I'm gambling building a business that'll make money for me while I sleep. But it's nowhere near ready to launch yet. I'm probably going to be $200 in the hole for parts and alignment to fix this one-- not a huge problem, but not what I wanted right now either. Grr.