Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mobile broadband is the awesome

I just signed up for mobile broadband service. $60/month, and I can get high-speed internet ANYWHERE. It is perfect. I am no longer so limited in terms of parking spots. I can pick spots which have no open WiFi access points. I can even (and will, probably, soon) get out into the woods a bit, and still get internet connectivity.

This is a great amenity.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Links to photos

A few weeks ago was the 1-year anniversary since I moved into the van.

I recently reviewed my picture album on the Vandwellers list

Wow, what a journey this last year has been! It was a brutal, difficult struggle for a long time. Looking back, it took me until around August before I finally got settled in-- 7 months.

I do have a big project still to do: the wall and the ceiling. And also a better bed (a proper futon). And I have to get the front end ball joints done soon too. But, you know, it's home, and it has been home for a year now.

Three more to go before it all pays off.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

House sittin'

Got an opportunity this week to house-sit.

Man, running water is a good thing. A bathroom. A sink... and being able to leave dishes in them for a couple days. Refrigeration. As much electricity as I could want, with no worries about sunshine (or lack thereof). Not having to put stuff away all the time. Insulation in cold weather!

It took a day to adjust to being in the van again. I immediately noticed how much WORK everyday living is now. Stick houses are cushy by comparison.

I still can't afford rents though, so I'm staying a vandweller. But I might do some more housesitting again every once in a while. It sure is nice.