Friday, March 14, 2008

Seeking out the country

I launched out on this vandwelling adventure intending to live in the City.

But at every available opportunity, I find myself wanting to get the hell OUT of the city and into the country, even if it is the beach, the park, or up or down the Coast.

I think it's the quiet and the fresh air. I don't see much view here in a big box that (still!) has no windows or skylight. But I still have no insulation on the roof, or the roll-up door, or the floor, so the traffic noise drives me nuts in the City. And even with no vents in yet, I can smell the exhaust and road dust. I just want to get away from it out to fresh ocean air and the sound of crickets and waves, whenever I can.

I looked up the BLM site and found some great and free possible camping spots pretty close by! I'm already trying to plan when I could get a week free to head up there.

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