Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I tried to be clever with the dishwashing stuff, and I screwed it up badly.

It was driving me nuts having to hold the squirt bottle upright in order to clean dishes and stuff. So I thought I'd be clever, and just run a little hose from the squirter to a gallon bottle of melted icewater that I get from the cooler. I leave the bottle on the ground and I can hold the squirter any way I like.

Only, that's dumb. First of all, the squirter takes forever to get any water up through that long hose. I actually have to siphon it by sucking on it. Doh. Also, in order to keep water in the hose after I siphon it, I have to keep the squirter on the ground, under the water level. Only that's even dumber, because it'll leak water all over the floor that way.

I think I'm going to buy the 12v water pump and be done with it. The squirt bottle idea is sub-optimal.

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