Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Old-Skool hardware store

I'm delighted to have found a hardware store like they used to make 'em. It's in the City, and I'm keeping it a secret (sorry).

In recent years, most ACE-style hardware stores feel to me either like 7-11's-- small and no selection-- or huge behemoths trying to be Home Depot.

Even though it's an ACE, the store I found felt noticably different, like hardware stores used to be when I was a kid: big enough to have everything I might need, but small enough to be able to get around in. And very well-organized. I found what I wanted, and then things that I definitely needed but would have forgotten to buy, were right there logically next to them, all in the same place. Sweet.

I also discovered a huge industrial supply store too-- a totally different beast but one which is also good to have around.

Now if only there were an electronics shop like Radio Shack used to be-- with actual useful parts and components and stuff, instead of cellphones and TV's and keyboards and radio-controlled cars. Sheesh.


Forever said...

Hey u...welcome to the blog-o-world. Lookin' good here.

For elecrtonic parts try online. It's not the same as wandering the aisles but they've got damn near everything and no minimum order.

Michael said...

Just found you from VanDwellers. I'm thinking of doing this. Any tips on extended parking places, shower and bathroom?

Walden on Wheels said...

Check the Vandwellers Yahoo group for a wide variety of answers. Bathrooms are everywhere: stores, restaurants, gas stations, libraries, etc. I use a gym membership for shower. I don't bother with extended parking, I just keep moving. Enjoy!