Monday, March 10, 2008

As soon as I'm done, I'll know enough to start

I keep thinking of the old saying about painting a car: as soon as you complete the project, you'll have learned enough to be ready to start it.

I've never sawed anything before buying this van and living in it. I've never built anything out of wood except for Junior High wood shop (a LONG time ago). Never worked with metal either. Never dealt with solar, or ran electrical for household use, though I have worked with electronics and low-voltage since I was tiny little kid. I've done lots of work on lots of different kinds of cars, so that part's not new to me, but that's also not what this project is about. This is a home improvement project-- really more like building a home from scratch.

Little things like knowing how to operate a drill and motorized screwdriver, I am just learning as part of this project (i.e. setting it properly to not strip the heads of screws, etc).

I've also been camping maybe five times in my whole life. My family was not outdoor people. So I'm totally new to living out of a cooler, cooking with propane, and general camping-type stuff.

This is, however, the way I do things. I jump in, feet first, totally unprepared, and learn as I go along. So far so good.

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