Thursday, April 10, 2008

PE film

I'm about to tackle the flooring project. My laminate flooring instructions say that, if I'm on a concrete floor, I need to put "PE film" as a vapor barrier underneath before I throw down the underlayment and the floor.

So I wandered into Home Despot to find "PE film". They looked at me like I was from another planet. PE? What is that? Physical Education? I need a gym coach to lay down my floor? Or is it Public Enemy? What is a "PE film", a Public Enemy video? I need Chuck D and Flava Flav to come here and tell me how to lay down my flooring?

After a lot of head scratching by Home Despot staff, it was determined that PolyEthelene film is what I needed. I got some, it was cheap.

This weekend, the "fuel/water separator", the glow plugs, and the floor. I'm steeling myself up for it.

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