Friday, March 22, 2013

Solar electrical statistics/charts

I put up some statistics and charts on my solar electrical system performance here, if anyone is interested.

Some explanation. The dip on 12/8/12 was due to me replacing the dead battery bank. That was my 420Ah huge bank that was too big for my 210W panel array to charge up in the wintertime. I replaced it with a smaller 210Ah battery bank.

The other dip around the end of December is when I stupidly disconnected the panels-- in the rain-- attempting to check the wiring. Turns out the wiring was fine; winter just sucks here for solar.

The dip in Feburary was due to me forgetting to save the data out of the SunSaver. It only keeps 30 days of data. I have to manually download it every 30 days. If I forget to do that, I get a data gap. Oh well.

I was going to fancy-up the charts some more and play with Flot, but I'm busy with other work at the moment. Maybe sometime soon.


bandett said...

this guy Ken inglis calls himself the Sparten student .

he totally ripped or name walden on wheels to name his book.
he prob saw your blog on van dwellers.

Walden on Wheels said...

Huh, that's interesting, thanks.

I started this blog with this name on Feburary 28th, 2008. He posted something called "Walden On Wheels" on his blog on Friday, October 16, 2009. And now it's the title of his book.

I dunno. If his book has an actual publisher, their lawyers must have advised him that you can't copyright a book title, or a blog title (or a song title, by the way).

He's a better writer than me, and much more prolific too. And I like what he's doing. I like his politics, I think he's a good kid. So, yeah, maybe he did nick my blog's name for his book. I'm not tripping on it.