Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Watts of Spring

Spring is here, the rains have stopped, and my whole winter-electricity emergency is over.

I'm sitting here at 9am and getting 3A of charging from the panels. Used 10Ah last night so I'll have my batteries recharged well before noon, with plenty of sun to spare for whatever.

The sun just cleared the mountains, and already the SunSaver MPPT says the panels are putting out 50W of power as of the last sweep.

That whole panic/emergency/anxiety/expense I went through over the winter, appears to have been for nothing.

Technically we can still get rain here for a few more months, with some minor rain straggling on for longer, but it's been 100% sunny and bright for weeks now. I now have more than enough juice to spare. I can work, and not worry.

I can probably even put the genset into storage, or maybe even flip it if I needed cash. Since I'm working right now, I'd rather keep the unit as a backup anyway, so I'll hold on to it.

If I decide to stay at a park/campsite somewhere, they're always shaded in, so I'll have the generator for that.

And, I'm ready for next winter.

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