Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pit toilet splashback is the nastiest

I've spent most of the past 3 years urban camping, but over the past few months I've done quite a bit of camping at actual campsites and out in rural areas.

I have to say, splashback from pit toilets is the absolute nastiest thing I've experienced yet. From 20 feet down comes-- straight up at you and onto your body-- a vile splash of ammonia, chemicals, and who knows how many people's effluent. Grossest thing ever.

In urban areas, I have to say the only thing that has come closest have been BART bathrooms. BART has the nastiest bathrooms ever; they're worse than any gas station I've ever been in.

I've generally had good luck with portapotties, both in urban areas and in rural campsites.

Also, I finally learned how to do a proper cowboy shower (a spongebath). It works really well! I still like my urban camping strategy of staying within a few miles of somewhere that my gym membership is good-- hot showers and running water are really nice-- but it's also good to know that with about a gallon or so of water and a washcloth and towel, I can stay pretty clean no matter where I am.

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