Monday, August 16, 2010

Painting and maintenance

I successfully painted some rusty and weathered parts of the van. Looks a lot better now. I hope I stay grafitti free.

Also, being out in the HOT made me realize that I didn't have enough ventilation. I have a 13.5" square exhaust vent, but only a 9"x5" intake vent. This was no problem when I had the roof bare, because the aluminum roof would pull air up and force it to circulate by convection. Basically, it was a huge stovepipe. But since putting in the drop ceiling, it stays beautifully cool here in the morning, but once it heats up, it's impossible to cool it down again. It was miserable in here with even 70-degree weather. So I cut an additional intake vent, which helped a lot. Convection seems to be occurring again, and also the fan doesn't have to work too hard to circulate the air when I turn it on.

I found another problem too. Even though it's very dark and very well-insulated in the box, that aint' so in the cab. The cab is covered with windows on three sides and gets like a huge solar oven-- if it's 70 outside, it's 90 in the cab. The problem is that way too much of that heat was radiating through a fiberglass "dent" behind the driver's seat (it's there to allow the seat to slide backwards) and through the wooden box door. So, I bought another sheet of isocyanaurate insulation to cover those and stop the radiation.

I'm happily back in the fog zone again, and I've noticed that the extra vent helps solve a lot of the dry-mouth problems I was having. Maybe that will help solve some of my dental problems.

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