Monday, May 31, 2010

Another hazard to watch out for

On very foggy or rainy nights, NEVER park underneath any telephone wires. They are the worst. They cause irregular but very loud SMASHES against the roof, as drops land on it. I can't sleep with that going on. This limits my parking options quite a bit on those kinds of nights.

So, adding that to the hazards to avoid, including (just to name a few): nosy/NIMBY homeowners, cops, crooks, car theives, wild parties, teenage graffitti "artists", hidden driveways, heavy traffic noise/pollution, WALKways, extreme hills, air compressors or industrial HVAC compressors, drug dealers/growers/manufacturers, buzzing/crackling streetlights, parking meters, street sweepers, lawnmowers/weedwhackers/chainsaws/bandsaws/jackhammers/leafblowers, garbage collection trucks...

It's quite a job sometimes, in densely-populated areas and even some suburbs, just finding a place to sleep!

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