Sunday, May 9, 2010

The 12-hour time shift

One of the weirdest things about my new insulation situation, is that there's a 12-hour time-shift between the inside and outside temperature.

Normally, in California, days are warm and nights are cold. I've got it the opposite way around in here: the nights are stuffy, hot, and sweaty, and the days are cool and crisp.

The insulation is so good, that it takes all day for the interior to warm up, and by that time, it's nighttime. Likewise, it takes all night for the interior to cool down, and by that time, it's daytime.

Useful, though: on hot days, it's really nice and cool in here, and on freezing cold nights, it's nice and warm in here. But still, the 12-hour lag is kind of weird.

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