Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lots of progress

I've been busy while being not busy. It's a wonderful zen-like "effortless effort" way that I'm just now discovering.

Basically, I slack a lot. And I'm unapologetic about it, even militant about it, and I insist on enjoying being lazy as much as I can. I refuse to ruin it anymore by feeling guilty or panicked or pressured about what I should be or HAVE TO be doing. I'm doing nothing, and there's nothing that anyone can say or do about it. Tough. Whatever ain't done, is just going to have to stay undone.

But this also makes me much more productive.

This happened because I stupidly got so comfortable with being online all the time that I forgot about my 5GB/month limit with Sprint PCS. So, I downloaded a movie, which was 2.5GB, and blew away my online minutes for the month. Oops. I couldn't sit and websurf anymore. Instead, I started sitting and reading an actual book, and just being even more lazy. Then something amazing happened.

Work becomes slack. Part of slacking is taking the pressure off, and I sit here and think, "Screw it. What better thing have I got to do?" Most of the time, nothing, and that's what I do.

But lately, the answer has been, "I could be working on this or that project, just wasting time that way." So, in essence, I'm killing time by getting stuff done. I'm not attempting to finish anything, mind you, just killing time by working on the things.

This is a massive change in my life. I'm killing time by working it to death. No pressure, no deadline (well, occasionally a small deadline like having to be out of storage by closing time, or having to sleep, or running out of sunlight, or getting to a store before it closes). I don't care if I finish. I'm just wasting my time by working on stuff I might not ever finish, or might not be doing right, but who cares, I'm ENJOYING it. The journey is the destination. I am making progress by not trying to make progress.

I have my ceiling tile hangers in, and a few tiles in place. I've moved some furniture around (took two days of work, verrry sloowly and easily!). I reorganized a lot of stuff. I planned out my new interior, where my bed is going, where my sink and kitchen is going, how I'm going to move my electrical stuff around, and obtained (I think) most of the parts and materials I'll need.

I've done a lot of research on my transmission (needs to have its fluid and filter changed), scheduled an appointment to get my rear brakes worked on, and checked my rear tire pressure, which I'd been putting off for a long time.

I've done a lot of work on my computer setup that has needed to get done for years, and it took only a few hours to do it. And, perhaps most encouragingly, I've started to work on my art, my trade, again. A little. After all, what else have I got to do? I can pick and choose what I want to work on. I have an infinite variety of tasks to work on. I have a feeling that this is what being in charge of my own life actually feels like, and I love it.

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