Saturday, December 12, 2009

Curled up in the world's largest library

It is pissing down rain outside, and I'm sitting here, comfortably in my van, and on my lap I have the largest and most vast library the world has ever known.

I cannot think of a more perfect place to be, or the most perfect life to have.

Yeah, I'm a nerd. I love to read, and study, and explore. I have come to realize that this is why I'm vandwelling: to have infinite time and a comfortable place for websurfing.

The internet is the most amazing invention and resource. From anywhere, I have access to practically all the knowledge of the human race. I can sit here in my van and have access to it all.


Frank said...

Just wanted to drop by and tell you you have one of the most interesting blogs on van dwelling, you have few comments but I'm sure many read your posts - I read them all.

If you can,upload some pictures, perhaps you can lay your hands on a digital camera..

Walden on Wheels said...

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it.

My pictures are in the Vandweller's list on Yahoo, under "1998 E350 Box Van".

Thanks again for reading.