Monday, November 30, 2009

The secret to Ford 7.3L diesel survival

I have finally figured out the secret to surviving with an old Ford 7.3L PowerStroke diesel, and not getting bankrupted.

1) Buy ordinary stuff (oil, basic stuff) from Kragen, or wherever it is cheap.

2) Buy Motorcraft stuff (filters, seals, non-engine-related parts) from a distributor, NOT from the dealer. I've found one locally whose prices are excellent.

3) Buy all diesel engine parts from International directly. This one is the key. The aftermarket Ford/Motorcraft places don't carry it. The dealer buys it from Ford, who buys it from International, and each adds an insane markup.

I am pretty sure now that the source of my leak was what Ford calls the "fuel filter vacuum indicator switch". It had failed, and started leaking.

It was $68 from the Ford dealer... and $24.50 from the International dealer.

Sweet! Now I know where I'm getting my parts in the future.

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