Friday, September 26, 2008

Food and Energy

One of the more enlightening (in many senses of the word) of vandwelling is how much it has caused me to be in touch with my body and what's going on with it.

It seems like a silly thing to point out now, but it's a new revelation to me: the bigger and better meals I eat, the more energy I have. Well duh. But I'm a nerd and artist, and I live in a very abstract, absent-minded-professor kind of world; this kind of very basic thing never occurred to me.

It's very predictable. If I eat small, simple, kind of weak meals, then I'm tired all the time. If I load up with a huge burrito, a full meal of Indian food, or a big greasy burger, then I can work all day and all night.

This also gives me a new perspective on the brutal wrong-headedness of right-wingers and rich people who consider the poor and homeless to be "lazy" and "shiftless". I'm sorry, if you don't have enough food, you ain't gonna be able to do a whole lot of work or take a whole lot of initiative to turn your life around.

Feeding the hungry has to be priority #1, no matter what. With a couple good meals in you, then you can accomplish anything. Without that, you're unlikely to be able to accomplish anything. Just like a van: it ain't going anywhere unless you put fuel in it.

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