Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Turns out that the rip-off artist I paid $2000 to in February to fix my brakes, screwed it up. The guy put the racheting gear on my self-adjusting rear brake shoes in backwards, so the thing wasn't self-adjusting, it was self-loosening. He also charged me for removing the axle when that was not necessary in order to access the rear brakes.

I found a reputable shop who put the gear back in the right way, flushed out my brake fluid, and replaced my both rear calipers, all for $450. Still a lot of money, but I've been advised not to mess around when it comes to brakes. I do after all have literally a ton of mass to stop, and the rains are approaching.

I still have a spongy feeling in the brakes. I'll have to take it back to them, to probably replace the valve that balances the front and rear brakes, and maybe the master cylinder, depending on where the sponginess is coming from.

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