Friday, August 1, 2008

The seals again

The seals on the driver's side fuel return line went out, spewing biodiesel all over the place, and leaving me stranded. This is the same problem I had on the passenger's side back a few months ago.

However, I can HIGHLY recommend Mobile Diesel Mechanics of Petaluma (they travel to San Francisco and all around the Bay Area). Those guys rock. They are also very expensive, but worth it. They came to my rescue, big time.

They have a mobile mechanic shop. All the tools, everything you need to fix a diesel, on a truck. And they will roll it right up to your stuck van, and get you back on the road. They know diesels inside and out. In fact, their truck had the exact same engine mine does (7.3L PowerStroke)! Most of their customers are semi trucks independently owned or part of a corporate fleet, so they are VERY sensitive to the fact that you are stuck and need to get rolling immediately. That alone is worth the extra price. None of the nonsense you get from ordinary mechanic's: "oh, yeah, we're busy, you'll have to leave it, might not be able to get to it for a couple days. Oh, you need this part, we gotta order it, sorry, should be in by next week..." that kind of crap is fully unacceptable for a vandweller. And I got that runaround from the dealer last time I had a service, and from an independent shop the time before that, will never go back if I can avoid it.

But Mobile Diesel Mechanic is different. They got me on the road in 1/2 hour (and made me feel stupid because it was the kind of repair I could have done easily and for free... if only I knew what I was doing). They are fantastic. Can't recommend them highly enough.

If you own a diesel and find yourself around the Bay Area, go with Mobile Diesel Mechanic. There's my strongest possible endorsement.

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