Saturday, August 23, 2008

More preventative maintenance

Following future President Obama's suggestion, and with the help of a former truck mechanic who knew the trick to getting to the fill tube on the inner tire, I got my tires inflated correctly. Turns out the inner tire was only at 25psi! That was well below the 60 specified by Ford. The outer tires were actually over-inflated. I'd also over-inflated my front tires somewhat, probably due to filling them warm and not cold.

The van runs much better now. I'll have to see over some miles of highway driving how much better mileage I get. But it's got to be better than what I'm getting now, which is about 10mpg.

I also replaced the bulbs on my rear turn signal and brake lights, which should help safety a lot.

I isolated the problem with my running lights and my dashboard lights: there appears to be a short somewhere. Need to spend more quality time with the manual and with the multimeter to fix those, but I'm getting closer.

I bought two cheap cabinets last week and installed them in the van. Also pulled a small set of drawers out of storage, and am finding a home for it in the van, to give me more organized storage space-- a big improvement over the plastic storage bins I've been living out of for 6 months.

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