Thursday, August 16, 2012

The biodiesel preparation project finally done!!

Last week, I finally reattached the fuel bowl drain hose. And, at last, after nearly 5 years of running biodiesel, I'm finally completely prepared to run biodiesel. 

It turns out I had to remove the alternator/pulley bracket, and remove the clamp holding the drain line on, then I could kind of wiggle the drain line enough to slip the hose onto it.

Drained the fuel bowl: no runs, no drips, no errors! Life is good. Also noticed a great deal of increased power, and no more clouds of unburnt fuel at startup. That means my "water in fuel" sender is probably disconnected or faulty, and I've had water in the thing all along.  Not good. I'm going to get into the habit of draining the thing on a regular basis now, maybe once a month since it's always cold, wet, and foggy here.

I realized I have to paint my rear roll-up door again. Only 2 years and the old paint is gone. Thinking of just using regular exterior house paint this time, not spraypaint, and see if that weathers the winter better.

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