Monday, February 15, 2010

Unintended consequences

Ah, the joys of unintended consequences.

Before I put my ceiling in, air circulated rapidly in here due to convection. The roof is a beer-can-thin sheet of aluminum, and it'd heat up quickly and lose heat quickly. Thus, there was always a big differential between the air temperature at the floor of the van (which is well insulated) and the top, so air would blast through here as if there were a fan running.

But now with the acoustic ceiling and insulation in, the air temperature is uniform thoughout the van. The ceiling doesn't warm up; it's very well-insulated. Air just stagnates in here unless I run the fan. So, a bit of the quiet that I wanted so badly, has gone away, because I have to run that noisy fan a lot now. Oh well, I guess in the summer when it is REALLY hot, it'll be a lot more pleasant in here.

On the positive side, one of the unintended consequences of making my bed 14" high instead of 30" high, is that the bed moves a lot less when the van is being pushed back and forth by the wind. My big flat box has zero aerodynamic capability, and every wind gust makes it shake like an earthquake. When my bed was higher, I felt every bit of that, and it'd wake me up. No more; I'm lower in the floor plan now, so those movements aren't so annoying anymore.

And, finally, spring is here! I couldn't be happier. I love spring in California, especially on the coast. The sun is out, and here comes the fog already!

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