Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ceiling good good good

I'm very happy to report that with only half the ceiling tiles in, and no insulation even stuffed in the gap yet, it's a LOT quieter in here! It's so quiet I can even hear the fan running on my netbook. It's also a lot warmer, and, for some reason, a lot drier. Perhaps the ceiling tiles are absorbing moisture, I don't know.

But either way, it feels a lot more like a home: a lot more comfortable, peaceful, livable. I wish I'd done this 2 years ago, but I didn't know what I was doing back then.

Same with the van maintenance: the leak is gone, and I'm on to the next set of issues like replacing injector seals, changing out fluids (transmission, coolant) that have probably never been changed, and longevity-oriented preventitive maintenance.

It's been said about painting a car, that once you've finished the project, you know enough to start it. I guess that's true about the massive projects I took on two years ago and am finally getting settled into: vandwelling, Ford 7.3L diesel repair and maintenance, biodiesel conversion, building out an interior of a custom RV, and a massive self-improvement project too.

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Nemo said...

Good Mornin :)

I'm curious if you have ever wanted to soundproof your truck? lately I've been camped near folks for the first time, and a couple times they have commented that late at night they can hear the music, or movie that I have playing. Realizing that we live IN the trucks, dont know if you are aware of your noise footprint when your stationary, so thought I would check. I imagine that they ceiling panels would also deaden that to a degree?