Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sedentary vandwellers

I've met about a half-dozen fellow vandwellers over the past few years, and I'm surprised by how sedentary we are. Almost all of the vandwellers I've met spend most of their time within a mile of where they have their storage units. Not a whole lot of travelling going on. Surprising because living in a van is a set up that seems ideal for travel. But we're not travelling, we're just a bunch of homebodies, it seems.

I've seen many more vandwellers around, who I haven't met, but again they're always parked within a block or two-- not even a mile-- of the same place, all the time. And again I find this interesting. A "mobile" lifestyle that isn't a whole lot more mobile than someone in a stick house. Over the last 6 months or so, I've tried to be more mobile, and enjoyed it a lot. But when I'm in town, I stick to the same places a lot. I guess I'm just as sedentary by nature as the rest of the vandwellers I've met or seen around.

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Nemo said...

I tend to be pretty stationary, but I've still put in alot of miles. I tend to spend my time in the boonies, and move when I run low on water, about every 20 days :)

have met a few other vandwellers, they do the same thing as I do. go park and relax for a couple weeks at a time, then move to a new spot.. so some of us break out a bit :)