Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Street Cleaning, bah.

One of the more annoying costs of vandwelling for me these days is street cleaning tickets. I've gotten nailed twice in the last two months.

When I was in the city every day, I got in the habit of always looking at the signs and taking careful note of what day it is (or, the real gotcha: what day it will be at 2-4am!).

But I've been spending several days a week in the country or suburbs, where there aren't obnoxious street-cleaning regulations. Then when I come home again, I have to re-learn this diligence, painfully at $50 each shot.

Turns out the city has a website which lists the street-cleaning times for any address you type in. If I can get a GPS working, I'd like to write a mash-up that will look up the address of my location, look up the street-cleaning schedule, check the current day-of-week (and, more importantly, tomorrow's day-of-week), and put up a big huge warning if I'm in a danger zone.

There are some hurdles involved in getting that working, but it'd sure save me a lot of money for the effort.

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