Monday, July 6, 2009

Taking care of the simple things

The label on my box says to re-torque the U-bolts every six months. Since the big drama with the U-bolts back in September, I'm pretty sure I've checked them at least once. But it's been a while, so I checked them again today. Guess what? About a third of them were loose, some significantly. Good thing I did that.

Been wrestling with some strange tire pressure issues. The van is pulling to the right, and I had a slow leak in the passenger front tire, which would explain the pulling, but the leak seems to have gone away. Perhaps that wheel is just flaky in some other way-- maybe out of round? I'll take it back to my alignment/tire guy and find out what he has to say about it this week.

I'm also fed up with dealing with ice, and am looking for deals on a 12v refrigerator. Might could have found one, will see. It's an expense, but the convenience factor will be worthwhile, I hope.

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clif said...

Here is a link pertainig to a guy who made an energy efficient freezer.
I've contemplated for some time the possiblility of making your own freezer, small of course, whose primary function is to freeze those blue ice packs. The internal space would be large enough to squeeze two artificial ice packs in, depending on your needs. When they are frozen, you use them in a larger cooler. When one is depleted, you swap them with a fresh one, while the depleted one refreezes. (With one ice pack being used, the empty space could be used to freeze a pound of hamburger. When defrosting the hamburger, it would also keep the cooler, cool.) I've also considered using the air conditioning system wired into the engine. One could possibly, reroute the AC, reduce it down, and increase the efficiency to operate a freezer the size of a glovebox.
Of course there is this other thing to try: